Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day - Island Style

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, the day where everyone is a little bit Irish, and me with my lack of Irish blood celebrated the only way I knew how: with tons of green-ness!

The night before, I gave myself an “Irish Manicure,” painting my toes and nails in a stylish florescent green. When I awoke Thursday morning, Flogging Molly was turned on and the dancing began even before the sun had risen. I drank my Vermont coffee (yes, not Irish, but still good), and biked to school wearing a green pulatasi. At school I used only green chalk and green pens to mark my students papers, and I tried to teach my year 7 students a little about the holiday. I quickly realized that all I know about it is that it celebrates someone named Saint Patrick and that Americans like to wear green and drink beer on this day. My lesson didn’t progress too far as a result, but my students did get the idea that people wear green.

Anyways, I have had a tough readjustment to school this year, but I guess the luck of the Irish was with me today. For the first time in seven weeks I did not want to cry at school and my lessons all ran according to plan.

I returned home to more Flogging Molly and decided to get creative with the green. I put some food coloring into oil and then made popcorn. The result was not too impressive, but I did get one or two green kernels out of the experiment. The best creations were my four leaf clover green pancakes, green eggs, and egg-white wine. All in all, it was a very festive day. I acted similarly for Valentines Day, making red heart shaped pancakes and putting heart stickers on my students’ papers. I look forward to the next color holiday when I can get creative again! Maybe for Independence day I will bring out the blue. Till then, it’s back to normal colored foods!

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