Friday, March 18, 2011

Infestation 2011

About a year ago I stopped using my mosquito netting. It was too hot, bothersome to tuck in, and annoying to maintain (taking it down to shake it out outside is a major pain due to how I have tied it up). However, I began using it again a few weeks ago after another spider scare. I would have thought that my arachnophobic tendencies would have weakened by this point. Who knows, maybe they have. However, I still can’t sleep with the idea of those long legged hairy spiders creeping over me as I slumber. So, the net came down once again, the dust was shaken off, and I had peace of mind while I awaited the death by Mortein of this large spider hovering too close for comfort.

The next morning my mind was set at ease as I found the spider dead on the floor. I decided to keep the net down though, just because it has been too hot to sleep with any kind of sheets, and having the net up offers protection incase a stray mosquito or spider did slip into the room. Little did I know that a few weeks later, the mosquito net would protect me from one of my worst nightmares: a swarm of hideous cockroaches!

I write this Thursday night, after a week of interrupted sleep. It began Monday night. I awoke around 1am to the pitter-patter noise created by one of two things: a cockroach, or a centipede. The noise wasn’t much and I located the sole roach with my flashlight. That settled, I fell asleep and slept till dawn. Upon arising, I noticed 4 dead roaches, not localized but scattered around the room. I didn’t think much of four, even though it had been a while since I had had any. I wish I had insight as to what was to come.

Tuesday night I am again awoken around 1am to the sound of pitter-patter. But as I lay in bed trying to drift back to sleep, the sound escaladed and pretty soon I was seeing the shadow of roaches climbing up the sides of my mosquito nets and flying through the air. I was totally grossed out and thankful for the netting. I checked where I had tucked in the net to make sure I was safe, and with the help of some music to drown out the noise and my airplane eye mask to block the shadows, I did eventually fall back asleep. When I awoke, the death count was a startling THIRTEEN cockroaches. Three were in my sink, four by the head of my bed, and the rest in various locations. I swept them up, made coffee, and searched for any stragglers.

Wednesday night was the same story, although not as bad as Tuesday. The death toll was a mere eight, with only one in the sink and five near the bed.

Like I said, it’s Thursday night and I am putting off sleep. I am curious about what I will find waiting for me in the morning, and part of me is dreading the 1am horror show. However, tomorrow is Friday, so on the bright side, regardless of the total number, I can get to town and buy some serious death traps for these nasty creatures. On that note, I am heading to bed. My mosquito net is solidly tucked under my mattress and my Mortein is close at hand. Good night!

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