Friday, September 17, 2010

Waka Waka

I am one of those people who tends to get one song stuck in my head and then there it is for days, weeks, and sometimes even months on end. I don't know if this is lucky or if it is a curse. However, here in Samoa, it is pretty clearly a blessing, because it gives me an unparalleled tolerance for the music played here. When we arrived back in October, I was surprised to here Christmas music blasting on the radio and on the buses. The music wasn't just your traditional carols though, it consisted of the most amazing blends of holy music, Samoan jams, and American music, both new and old. My favorite mix was a version of Silent Night I heard spliced with DMX's Get it On the Floor. Remarkable.

Christmas music seemed to dominate the airwaves for a solid four or five months, and then the music quickly switched over to the next biggest thing: Nifoloa. Since January, he has released something like six new CD's, however, each CD is pretty much the same melodies as the previous one just with different lyrics over the original beats. Then there is DJ Ok who spliced together songs, using Lil' Jon's characteristic "Okaaaaay!" as his marker. I love it all.

Recently, Shakira's "Waka Waka," the World Cup anthem, has taken the stage. It is everywhere! You can't avoid it, and I Don't want to. As I write this blog, it is on repeat. Yes,I know I am a bit out of date, yet that tends to happen in this country, especially to me, who was obsessed with other songs when this one first hit the radio. Now, it is everywhere! A bunch of us went dancing the other night and the song was played twice! While visiting my host family today, my host sisters phone rang. Her ring tone: Waka Waka. And then on the ferry ride last week, I heard the song playing from someones small telephone speakers FOUR times!

I can't anticipate what song will dominate the airwaves next month, but if it is half as good as the tunes I've been vibing to recently, I know I will continue to be happy here. Every morning before school I put on my current obsession and start my day with a proper private dance party while sipping my coffee. As long as the tunes keep coming and the coffee is fresh, all is well.

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