Friday, August 6, 2010

My Private Party - don't be jealous of the food

The lunch of champions. Salivate, Samoa.

Amazing "fine mat" from Niue. I don't know where that is, but I love their art!

The Samoa Room, Auckland Museum.

For my weekend in Auckland I had planned to take the morning ferry out to Whaikeke Island and enjoy some wine and cheese tasting. However, I awoke to a gloomy, rainy Saturday morning. This was no weather to experience vineyard country. So I did what any food loving person would do: googled cheese shops in the area and planned for an afternoon of wine, cheese, and movies in my hotel room. I discovered C’est Fromage, a French cheese shop located only two train stops away and just around the corner from the Auckland Museum. My luck was quickly changing! I hit the road, umbrella in hand, and walked about a half mile to the bus stop. The bus came and as I loaded, terror struck: I had exactly $3.10 and the bus fair was $3.30. I decided to try my luck anyways. I coyly I asked the driver the price and he told me, “$3.30.” “Oh no!” I said in my best, flustered voice, “I only have $3.10!” “Is that okay?” I begged with a desperate smile. The driver winked and handed me change with my ticket. I read the ticket and noticed he had charged me the children’s price. Some people are just good people. His kindness extended as he dropped me off at the street for the museum instead of at the bus stop further down the road. I thanked him for his welcoming behavior and made my way to the museum.

Two hours later I had had my fill of Pacific Cultural items for the day and was ready to start my lunch feast. Just a side note, it was pretty surreal to view Samoan cultural items behind glass…items which I see and use on a daily basis. The fine mat on display was definitely the finest I have ever seen though; it looked like fabric! I made my way out of the museum and walked about a half hour through the rain in search of my destination: C’est Fromage. I arrived cold and hungry, but upon entering, I knew my efforts were worthwhile. I immediately eyed my favorite cheese, Morbier. I told the lady behind the counter I would be taking 100g of that and I would like a goat cheese, preferable a Chevre, to go with it. She gave me three sample cheeses, and the third tasted like heaven; fruity, sharp, and creamy. I had her cut me 100g of the Chevre, paid for both cheeses, and picked up a baguette. I hopped on the train and upon arriving back in Green Lane went to Nosh food market just down the street to pick up some of New Zealand’s’ best wine. I discovered a Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough District on sale and grab it, along with a delicious Chicken Liver Mousse. I meandered back to the hotel, asked the dinning room for a plate, fork, and knife, and settled into my cozy room for my private lunch party.

I am feeling fat and sassy. I love New Zealand.

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