Friday, January 22, 2010

Elephants on Parade (the komite shows their colors)

Today is the Women's Komite competition. I woke up and went next door to watch them rehearse their marching one last time. Then around 8am the komite from the other side of town arrived and the games began. It started with a marching competition which was hilarious. My first thought was that the scene from the jungle book where the elephants are stopping through the forest had come to life. I sat on my front doorstop sipping my morning coffee as the groups approached. The women wore matching uniforms and were strutting around in the funniest manner, shaking their butts while walking hunched over, kicking legs and flaring arms. About halfway through the strutting I heard a terrible sound: the MC singing Silent Night, and I soon realized that was her way of calling me up and asking me to be a guest judge, so of course I said yes. I sat front row center for the rest of the performances. The activities included song, dance, and of course drama. The dancing followed the marching. We were suppose to be judging on how athletic and unique the moves were since this program is sponsored by the Ministry of Health in an effort to help women lose weight. After the dancing came 3 categories of song (and I don't know how any of them related to health, but it was entertaining!): first, solo, second, duet, and lastly, an a-capella act, all of which would have been much funnier for me if I understood the lyrics. What I got from it was that the women had changed the words to popular songs to fit Samalae'ulu life and they were cracking up more than anything. Last were the dramas. Both included women dressed as men pretending to drink, pick up women, and hit their wives. Everyone thought it was pretty hilarious and it was, although we would definitely call it politically incorrect in America!

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