Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching Up and dreams of pizza

Malo everyone! I have written about 6 blogs since the weeks leading up to Christmas and beyond, but unfortunately my computer and the computer here in the office both have many virus's. The virus's aren't debilitating until they combat each other, resulting in no new blog posts for me until I can tap my computer into a wireless source somewhere. Chances are good that will happen next week. In the meantime, here is a brief summary of life on the island.
Christmas: full of BINGO, BBQ's, and TV. Not too shabby.
My Birthday: Went to town and was treated to lunch by Ali and Lili. Returned to my village and had ice cream and beer with my "host family." Overall, it was a nice, relaxing day. The real party was New Years, and I don't want to spoil that blog post, so in the meantime, imagine pristine water, a beautiful sunset, and lots of fun times.
I made the discovery that there is a pizza place about a half hour bike ride from my village. SO naturally, I had to check it out. I waited and waited and then one day I woke up and decided I just couldn't wait any longer, I needed some tomato and cheese action! I got on my bike, pedaled for a solid half hour under the blazing sun, and when I finally reached the heavenly pizza joint, discovered I had forgotten to bring my money! I sat down in defeat and drank three bottles of water with the owners wife before turning back. On the ride home, I was chased by a vicious dog who took a few snaps towards my leg. I kicked him in the face and as he ran away learned the importance of carrying rocks on my bike in the future!
The pizza story is not a total failure though. Yesterday Jim biked over to use my totally un-advanced computer system. Since pizza is on the way back for him I tagged along for the bike ride and finally got some of my long desired pizza. Mushrooms, cheese, and all. It was delicious. And no dogs chased me on the way home, so it was well worth the effort.
Ok time to go check out the market. I have been inspired by yesterdays good eats and I am putting an end to the daily tuna lunches! I am going to get lots of veggies and start eating (somewhat) right.

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  1. Hi Honey. Wow. I really understand the quest for pizza. It's sort of a weekly desperate need for me.

    I don't know what came over me yesterday, but I joined Weight Watchers with Mimi. Now I feel like I can't eat anything. And I know that's not what it's about, but I really am having control issues. This dieting is harder than breaking my cigarette habit, which was truly the hardest thing I've ever done.

    For some reason (the way I am wired), I am most proud of the moments where I really struggled and didn't think I could make it, whatever that it was at the time; I only hope that I don't make it a big deal for myself, after all, I can only gain good stuff from this venture.

    I miss you around here, and I think we feel your spirit all the time, I do when I see the cats, I think of you. I have some really funny pictures of them and I will send them to you, I just downloaded them today.

    I am going to meet some old high school gang over in Congers tomorrow night. Brian and Jonah, I think, are going to see Nelson's sister's husband's orchestra play downtown at a place called the Winter Garden. He's a conductor as well as a composer, I think, and he composed something to commemorate Henry Hudson's birthday, which is apparently a big deal here. Jonah was named after the Hudson River, his middle name that is, did you know that? Also for Hannah.

    I am taking it slow and easy right now. My body is going through changes - period, then nothing/menopause, then all of a sudden period - - so my horomones i.e. moods are all over the map, it's sort of exhausting. I know that if I had some students/work to focus on I wouldn't really care that much about this - or I would be distracted from it. It's actually okay that I am able to slow down and really feel what is going on within my body, and also my feelings around where I want my life to go - I am trying to see the next decade...what do I want to do, with my family, friends, where do I want to be. All the questions that are somehow always being asked.

    Jonah is loving his new school off Rt. 202 - he literally runs in. The pirate fixation is still full throttle, but also with a smattering of witches, dinosaurs, ghouls, spooks, monsters, and he's so much fun (ask Jake about his visit).

    Well, big love to you! Don't let those dogs get away with anything.

    LOVE J