Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Parade of Nations

This picture is dedicated to all of you who helped with our project!

Today was the much-anticipated “Parade of Nations” for my Year 7 students. When I began the postcard project back in May, my objectives for the students were to raise their level of reading comprehension and to increase their knowledge of the world at large. From a reading and writing project, it soon evolved into an ongoing geography lesson, and in these final weeks, it became an outlet for practicing methods of research and presentations.

Last week, all of the names of the countries we had received were put into a bag. One by one, the students drew country names until each one had their own country. I then gave each student a packet of information on their country, including printouts from Encyclopedia Britannica, a map of their country, and of course, the post cards received from their country, and guided them through the material, helping them highlight key information and answer guiding questions. Next, they had to assemble a paragraph worth of information on their country, and when that was complete, I gave them an atlas and they were responsible for finding their country’s flag and painting it. So after days of preparations, today was the final presentation! It was really exciting for me to see these students get up in front of the class and in English inform their classmates of their chosen country. A lot of new words were learned, and although it was a challenging assignment, I think everyone gained something from it.

After the presentations, we went outside and took a class photo of the kids and their flags.


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