Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey, Jude!

This blog is dedicated to Mystery Man Jude, travelling through Asia and Europe and sending post cards as he goes. I think our count is close to 10 but I haven't been to the post office in a week, so I can't wait to see what awaits me when I go. To you, I just wanted to say an official, blogged-out THANK YOU, because without your support, my project wouldn't be nearly as full. The kids love your notes and have learned so much about a part of the world previously so foreign to them. So Jude, thank you again. My kids would love to write back to you and to your students as well, so if you read this note, I would love to get your information. Till then, I will remain your grateful, curious, snail-mail friend!

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  1. Hello Lasela, your blog is really nice and the stuff you do as a PCV is really great!

    I'm Rajko, from Montenegro, one of the smallest countries in Europe. I also have my blog: It's about my postcard collection. I managed to collect postcards from more than 190 countries, but I still miss Samoa. Could you please send me one postcard from there? Of course, I will send you back anything you would like to receive from Montenegro. Several times I exchanged beautiful postcards with PCVs from different countries such as Tonga, Senegal...

    Thanks so much in advance! Postcard from there would make my day for sure! :)

    My email:

    Yours faithfully,