Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post Card Project

Inspired by the work some of my fellow volunteers are doing, I have decided to begin a post card project at my school. The objectives of the project are simple: to increase students reading comprehension while educating them about the world outside of Samoa. Postcards sent will be presented to the class, the students will read them, and for those who are interested, students will write letters back. Postcards will be taped to our wall sized world map and thus they will begin to give students a more in-depth understanding and vision of the map.

I am asking any and all interested people worldwide to take a minute of your time to assist me in this simple yet rewarding project. If you or someone you know would like to participate, send a postcard of your city, state, country (or vacation destinations!), and tell my students some information of your choice. Fun facts about the featured location, facts about your life, your profession, etc, would be great. Like I said, this is a very flexible and free project, and the more postcards we get, the better the project will be!

If you are ready, get out a pen and find yourself a postcard and send some mail our way, I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace Corps Samoa

Rachel Goldstein, PVC

Private Mail Box 7139

Salelologa, Savaii

Western Samoa

**If you would like us to write back to you, send me a note with your address:

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