Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Sugar.

Today might be my last day as a teacher here in Samoa as I committed a cardinal sin this afternoon. I accidently stole the sugar supply.

We had had visitors at the school today and as a result the village came together to provide an overwhelmingly large feast for the visitors as well as us teachers. Foods served included spaghetti sandwiches, fried tuna sandwiches, boiled and half boiled eggs, papaya pudding, pisupo crackers, chicken (both fried and grilled), pig (umu style), fresh fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, and koko Samoa. That is just to name a few. After meal number one I was sufficiently stuffed and went back to my room to prepare lessons for later in the week. I wandered the classrooms looking for a class to teach, but most of the students were busy serving lunch or cleaning the rooms, so I was out of luck for the day. I gave out library books, did some tutoring, and played a review game with the students still remaining in my year 7 class. By the time I finished those tasks, I felt that there was nothing to do but to go home early. The other teachers would not allow me to help with the serving of food, and I was feeling useless, so I asked permission to leave.

The teacher in charge seemed offended that I would request to miss out on lunch number two and so I quickly retracted my request, but by this point it was too late and she insisted that I leave, but that I take a doggie bag of food home with me. Never feeling like more of an outsider I took the package of food that had previously been wrapped in brown paper and headed home. On the walk home I decided that I really did not want this extra food, so being the nice person I am, I stopped by Mina’s house and presented it to her.

“Oh Sera, thank you!” she said, “What is it?” I relied that I did not know but assumed it was sandwiches and crackers. She opened it in front of me only to reveal a bag of what must have been three pounds of sugar. My heart skipped a beat. Not only did I not stay for food but I also accidentally stole the schools sugar supply and gave it away! I couldn’t take it back after gifting it to Mina, so I sucked up my courage and went home.

Like I said, I am dead tomorrow. I have no money so I cannot buy more for the school until next week, but I will bring my small jar of sugar reserved for my morning coffee and hope it suffices tomorrow. Never a dull day in Samoa! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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