Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teacher's Day...please pass the pig!

Today started of like any other day but quickly turned into the laziest, best day, of the school year. Today was Teacher’s Day, the day where the children bring gifts and perform acts to show their appreciation for us teachers. There was about 2 hours of teaching in the morning before the festivities began. The festivities included poems recited in both English and Samoan, dances, songs, and sort skits about the children’s love and admiration for us teachers. Following the show, each class lined up in front of the assembly and one by one presented gifts to their teachers. The year 8 teacher insisted that I accept his gifts from year 8 being that I have done so much for them. That is arguable, but it was a really touching gesture. So loaded up with tons of new hand soaps, 2 lavalavas, a handful of necklaces, and about $20, I sat down thinking I had made out pretty well.

After the show, the children were dismissed, and us teachers gathered in the year 3 classroom to feast on pig, taro, and palusami gifted to us from the village. Beer and coconut vodka was included. We spent the next 5 hours eating, chatting, and watching ridiculously emotional Pilipino soap operas. After one afternoon of chilling with the teachers, I feel so much closer to all of them. Everyone let their guard down and we were able to just have a fun celebration of us. Next on the party agenda: prize giving. After today, I cannot wait to see what prize giving has in store for us! Enjoy the pictures:

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